Sunday, January 27, 2008

Would anyone like a cat?

I went to Cabela's today for some new boots and got a fur-lined hat with earflaps.

By the time I finished all my errands in the sun all afternoon, I had a raging headache so I left all the stuff in the living room and went to bed with some Advil.

Y'all know what happens next, right? Fuzzy bastard senses the rabbit fur, wrestles the hat out of its plastic shopping bag, and eats a hole in the front trim. When I found it, dragged halfway down the hallway, it was still damp, and the cat was hiding under a rack of clean laundry.

And of course the hole is right in front--my ears and brow will be warm, but I'll look like a moth-eaten dork (instead of the usual sophisicate who goes about with earflaps, I know).

I also got sunburned.


Steve Burri said...

The hole in the hat is a gunshot wound from a crazed Patriot or Cyclone fan... or BDS Democrat... I contort, you decide.

HeatherRadish said...

I certainly hope I never get shot by a fellow Cyclone fan. :) I'll tell people Hawkeye spit is pure sulfuric acid.