Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I got a sticker!

I'd characterize my vote as a temper tantrum. I did not vote for any of the three remaining GOP candidates because they can't make me! *stomp* But with Huckabee needing something like 120% of the remaining delegates to take the nomination from McCain, I feel confident that my vote won't bite me in the ass later on. I considered voting for Hillary, but that COULD come back to bite me in the ass next January. So I didn't. If we get to watch her try to show all those other Marxists how to finally implement Communism correctly, it won't be my fault.

Nor did I vote for Mr. "This is a great country--LET'S CHANGE IT!" I'm pretty sure my ballot is meaningless. Kodos, etc.

Victor David Hanson:
If you're African-American, then it's OK that you express racial solidarity and vote for Sen. Obama by margins approaching 90 percent — while at the same time white males must prove that they are not racialists by having the courage to 'do the right thing' by likewise voting for an African-American. That apparently would make Michelle Obama proud of her country for the first time in her life.

If you vote for Hillary, likewise you transcend your gender and do the right thing — and so join the legion of feminists for whom her shared womanhood was their signature issue.

I voted for a guy. Do I get "transcend my gender" cred? Mind you, I've been "transcending my gender" daily for the last 20 years...

Heh. That's the euphemism I used to employ when women tell me I'm not a Real Woman because I don't have a husband and/or babies. It started at age 22...

Oh, and I hate the "connect the arrow" ballots. No real reason; I hated them in Des Moines, too.

Now that the whole sordid business is concluded, I have about 18 episodes of Red Green that need my attention.

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