Thursday, February 7, 2008

I will not disenfranchise myself

I'm cranky every election, knowing that my ballot is canceled out by some college kid voting once at school and once absentee at his folks, and/or whoever's voting with my name and the address on my birth certificate in Cook County, and/or a non-citizen signed up by an activist (what, you don't think legally-resident non-citizens don't sign up to vote on college campuses??).

But I have a great appreciation of the first-wave feminists (the ones who said, "hey, women aren't cattle...") and their struggles (Alice Paul and her compatriots were beaten and tortured in their quest to secure my right to vote). There's nothing I can do about fraud except bitch (my most sacred right), but I'll be damned if I'll let a bunch of Democrats and unaffiliated primary voters or a bunch of morons who can't see past tribal identity (that would be the Huckster fans) cheat me out of my right to cast a ballot in November.

Yes, the differences between McCain and Hillary/Obamarama are superficial, and we're boned no matter what. WI has no Senate race; the House incumbants in SE WI look pretty set for life; I'm not sure local races will have any effect on the 2012 POTUS selection. (If I was still in Iowa, I'd damn sure be out to vote against Tom no avail....)

But I don't have to choose between those two. I'm pretty sure I won't be voting for the Green Party, the Communist Party of America, the International Workers Party, etc. But dammit, I'll be writing someone in. Because I CAN, and because, being more informed than most, I SHOULD.

My car will be paid off in June, in case I have to live out of it....

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