Friday, February 15, 2008

The nannies are staging a coup

Kate from Small Dead Animals had an excellent piece in Canada's National Post that I can sum up with "You people are pansies." (I've been channeling my grandmother all day...) Key graf:

Traits essential to the building of nations and preservation of democracies -- reason, resolve, creativity, self-reliance, common sense -- are no longer holding their own against the tide of the emotive, reactionary, self-obsessed and risk averse. The foundations built by those pioneering forefathers, upon which our unparalleled wealth and security were built, are cracking under the weight of regulation, litigation and personal entitlement. The nannies are staging a coup. They've moved out of the nursery to seize control of the family business.

Maybe the coming ice age will toughen us up a bit (not me, I'm already tough).

Tangentially, smoking bans increase drunken-driving fatalities. HEH! Seems similar to "dry counties cause more drunken-driving fatalities" although that's partly from people picking up an extra six-pack for the 20-mile drive back home.

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