Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The problem with the coming ice age

Steve at No Runny Eggs has a lovely table I have sent to all my Gore-worshipping friends.

I'm all excited about the coming ice age (I love snow!) but you know what's going to happen? As the world freezes over, people are going to attribute the cause to the Prius, or giving up citrus, or giving al-Gore indulgence money, or wearing hemp, or whatever dumbass "carbon reduction" fad they fell into last year. "The sun? Are you joking? I caused global warming by showering every day, and when I switched to bi-weekly baths, it went away! It was ME! And if we take away your car, we can fix it even better!"

It wasn't the big ball (109 Earths wide) of nuclear reaction, radiating energy into our atmosphere, that has no effect.

There's no way to fight this; people want to think they're important.

If it's not hazardous on Saturday, I'm going for a long drive with no actual destination.

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