Friday, February 29, 2008

Road trip!!!

People think I'm exaggerating (OK...the phrasing they use ranges from "being a jackass" to vulgarities even I prefer not to repeat) when I talk about "driving my car while I still can, before the !(#&!( rock-worshippers take it away."

Oh, look at this... Academics in Australia say we have to give up our travel by vehicle to "save the planet." From what, they don't say; the planet will still be here even after Europe is underwater...

I'm going on a quilt shop hop, tomorrow, weather permitting (It's for
the kids!
*rimshot*). A couple of shops around eastern WI are having "Leap Year Sales" of 29% off (minimum 1-yard cut). I expect to drive no less than 200 miles...while I still can.

Did I mention most cotton quilt fabric is dyed/printed in SE Asia (in
countries with no EPA to shut down mills for using water...did someone say "unintended consequences"?) before it's shipped to Wisconsin? TEH CARBON FEETPRINT, OH NOES!

I've had a long week. I even missed E-Day, which is OK because apparently it was a bust. Too cold...

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