Wednesday, February 6, 2008

White stuff!

Finally! A storm lives up to the hype! There's even wind!
...the accumulation for Milwaukee was pushing the season up the charts, from number 40 to within reach of the top 25.

I can't believe how much people have bitched about this winter, and now I learn it's not even Top 25 material...?

I love snow.

I just a had dumb argument with a friend who thinks I shouldn't read Gregg Easterbrook's column because he also writes for The New Republic (do they have any credibility left?) and, I quote "W will be disappointed in you." I thought that was the stupidest thing I've ever read, until he changed it to "Fred Thompson will be disappointed in you" when W's 'disappointment' failed to shame me.

Admittedly, I find only 30% of any give Easterbrook NFL column has any actual football content, and if the argument had been "because he's a pig who thinks women are objects who should cater to his viewing pleasures" it would have held weight.

But I didn't realize there was a blacklist of writers I wasn't allowed to read, much less that any politician gives a shit what I read.

Would be counterproductive anyway; the major appeal conservatism holds for me is that the alternatives are unfair, unfree, and unproductive. Easterbrook's socialist blather (the Super Bowl column is no exception) just reinforces that appeal. There was one earlier in the season, or maybe end of last season, that really stood out, where he was going on about how horrible it was that individuals and corporations were being allowed to buy Boeing 787s (eventually, heh) for individual usage. It stood out because the Boeing 787 is indirectly paying my rent. Without those horrible individuals and corporations being free to choose to spend their money as they see fit, I might still be living in my sister's basement and stocking kitchenware at the outlet mall for $6/hr.

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