Friday, March 21, 2008

How'd this get into the paper?

Granted, it's a "community columnist" but I thought they had people to keep this sort of reader submission from getting through to the rest of the public.
Are Gov. Jim Doyle and state Sen. Judy Robson (D-Beloit) in favor of voter fraud? Yes, that's the only conclusion you can reach. For one thing, they're chief obstructionists to the very simple solution of requiring a photo ID to vote.

I can already imagine what this man is finding in his inbox this morning.
You need a photo ID to fly, drive, bank or rent. We require people to show ID to use city dumps. I have never heard anyone object to that. So it's more important to make sure Greenfield's leaves don't go to West Allis than keeping elections clean?

I think he gravely misunderestimates how much some people want to control other people's garbage; people have been stabbed to death by roommates for putting their empties in the regular trash. Meanwhile, the TSA will accept ID issued by foreign governments and non-citizens can open bank accounts with or without foreign-issued ID (*cough* Bank of America)--I don't just want photo ID at the polls, I want a specific "Hi, I'm an actual alive U.S. Citizen over the age of 18" ID. With thumbprints, so no one can fill out a ballot in their dead grandmother's precinct.

We've still got the college kids voting once on campus and once at home, but baby steps...

Of course, given that WI doesn't open its licensing stations on Saturdays, the people inconvenienced the most are not the retired or the never-employed, they're white collar workers, who have to take time off of work to obtain/renew ID to vote. My Iowa license was acceptable on the I-9 I filled out my first day here, but it better not be acceptable ID for voting in WI elections, or what's to stop the busloads of FIBs?

Maybe they can scan the RFID chip on my passport (why yes, I will be wrapping it in aluminum foil when I'm not presenting it to customs or the TSA...). I was able to file the paperwork for that on a Saturday. :)

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