Monday, March 31, 2008

Taking the bus sucks.

It is the guarantee of a plush seat that spurs Eugene Yates, 62, to steer his creamy white Jaguar to his maintenance job at a courthouse downtown.

(I'm clearly in the wrong line of work, but I digress.)

The interesting thing to me--in NYC, which has the most comprehensive mass transit system in the country, people don't like to use it. So why the heck do the hippie-dippies think we should embrace it in flyover country, where we're more spread out, the bus takes four times as long, and the light rail won't go anywhere useful?

(Despite the best efforts of the cat to annoy me back to health, I'm still a fevered snot bomb. It's so boring.)

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Steve Burri said...

You da biggest, baddest mucus in town.