Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smoke? In bars?

Last night some of us went out for a birthday/going-away party. After dinner, we repaired to a neighborhood bar in Bay View with ashtrays on all the tables.

Ten years ago when I'd visit Milwaukee and be dragged to a bar, I'd have to take a shower before going to sleep because my hair would reek of smoke. My eyes would itch. I'd have to leave my winter coat outside to defumigate. Y'all know the drill, the anti-smoking people chant it regularly (does anyone believe they actually go out to bars?). Strangely, instead of lobbying the government for a ban, I alternated between suggesting we do non-bar things and prophylactic antihistamine for my eyes. Naive, I was. :)

I got home last night, and my hair smelled like...fried foods and oil. There wasn't enough smoke in the bar to cover the smell of the deep fryers in the kitchen. Maybe because it was a Tuesday and the bar wasn't packed; but I've been noticing this phenomenon over the past year. The day after I go out, my winter coat is fine, my eyes are fine...part of it might be the improved air cleaners in most places, but it looks like people just don't smoke as much as they used to.

I maybe shouldn't point this out, lest some nutburger decide establishments with a pool table should not be allowed to sell tasty fried foods alongside the libations.

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Steve Burri said...

If they didn't allow fried foods in bars, then you would go home smelling like farts!