Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughts on Spitzmas

I knew Ann Coulter would be worth reading today...(season the end of that sentence to taste).
It's absurd to talk about Spitzer's problem being "hypocrisy" -- as if everything would be fine if only he had previously advocated legalized prostitution.

Or money laundering. Or not destroying people's lives over perceived financial malfeasance. Heh.™
It's absurd to talk about "alpha males" and political power -- an alpha male does not bring his family shame and disaster. Who was more alpha than Ronald Reagan? Think he ever had a "whore problem"? This is more like a dog who wee-wees on your leg.
I'm sure he left a few broken hearts in Des Moines, but that's altogether different.

And I knew Linda Hirshman would have some wife-bashing to do.
A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, she was one of the highest-billing associates at the incredibly successful mergers and acquisitions law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. Later, she went to the office of the general counsel of Chase bank. But sometime in the 1990s, like many of the other women of her class, she decided to "opt out," to quit her job, in her words, as her husband began his electoral career to devote herself to raising their three daughters and to her philanthropies. She helped start the Children to Children Foundation, which teaches rich children social responsibility for the poor.

Yeah, that sounds like a woman who'll never be able to land a paid straight job again, 'cept maybe at a sweatshop or mopping floors. *rolls eyes*
And even if the marriage does not break up, women's decisions to make their social position completely dependent on the ambition, discipline, judgment, and steadiness of another human being is not only an act of extreme self-abnegation, it risks the very dramatic fall we have just witnessed in the Spitzer matter. Does anyone think that even as well-heeled a divorcée as Mrs. Spitzer would be the same force in philanthropic Upper East Side circles as the governor's wife?

Not only does she contradict herself--marriage both increases and decreases her social status?--nobody anywhere in the world, not even NYC, would afford barren spinster Silda Wall the same social status as the former Silda Spitzer, no matter how many mergers and acquisitions she billed.

Sorry, feminists, the world you think we should live in does not and never will exist. Believe me, I'm on the bottom end of it.

Mostly this week I'm intrigued by this whole idea of women being paid for something I can hardly give away. :P

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