Monday, April 28, 2008

Obligatory comment on Colts draft

I've never heard of any of those guys so I don't have anything to say until the Hall of Fame Game (at the earliest).

Found this interesting, though:

Which is another thing to appreciate about the Colts' draft: They continued grabbing young men with college degrees and high character. Good students. Guys who give back to their communities. . . . It's no small coincidence that the two most dominating teams of this decade, the Colts and New England Patriots, also have the highest percentage of college graduates.

Marcus Pollard just signed with the F-Pats; their collection of old guys looking for a ring (that they don't get, I note...) expands. Someone check Favre's phone records.


Steve Burri said...

No record of the Patriots contacting Favre, but there are several calls to Y.A. Tittle and Sonny Jurgensen.

HeatherRadish said...

Tittle could use a ring...

Leroy Butler says the Bears might be calling Favre, which would be eminently worse.