Friday, April 25, 2008

The second saddest thing I've read in weeks.

Disgusting-sad, not sorrow-sad like the previous post.

What if no one were fat?

Also the stupidest thing I've read recently. Since when do liberals care about corporate profits, seriously? And how do increased corporate profits translate into "giving every household $4000"?? I'd laugh if the premise wasn't so disgusting...

Let's do a little thought experiment:

What if no one were black?
What if no one was gay?
What if no one were Jewish? (I think this has been written)
What if no one were old? (In the UK the NHS is working on it...)


I don't see how this is any different.


Amy said...

Fat is one of the last acceptable prejudices out there.

One day, we'll all be herded up and sent off to fat camps to atone for our "sins"...

HeatherRadish said...

Wonder what the "carbon footprint" of rounding up undesirables is...