Friday, April 11, 2008


The guy from Oak Creek who beat his beagle to death instead of calling the Human Society for a cut-rate euthanasia is going to the House of Corrections (don't read the article if your squeamish or eating breakfast). And how unsurprising to learn he's been on drugs and was drinking the night before he killed his dog--had enough money for beer, but not for a sliding-scale vet fee? I feel sorry for the kid, I know I'll be crazy with grief if Satan's Little Helper gets sick, but not crazy enough to beat him to death with a baseball bat to save ten bucks.

Maybe they can teach him some priorities while he's being "corrected", but I doubt it.

I'm getting really sick of good people getting stuck paying room and board for worthless people. Whack the guy in the head with a baseball bat a few times and call it done. The guy who beat his girlfriend's baby to death with a video game controller? Beat him to death with a video game controller and call it done (insert criticism of 19-year-olds with toddlers dating 26-y-o men here). The illegal alien who got "so damn drunk" and shot the sheriff's deputy on the side of the road? Shoot him and leave him on the side of the road. Maybe it won't deter anyone from being a violent shit-head, but it should cut down on repeat offenders and ease prison overcrowding.

Actually, I'm just getting sick of the Marxist direction U.S. society is taking. Everytime Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton get applause from morons after promising to take my wages away for redistribution, I start thinking about emigrating somewhere people realize Communism is oppressive--except I can't figure out where that might be. Rich women, married to rich men, insisting spinsters with a negative debt-to-asset ratio don't deserve to keep their wages because the government should pay for other women's maternity care (that's the message I got from Mrs. Obama's speech in PA...)? This can't possibly be what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

(I can't blog about politics without getting angry and sad and regretful and angry. It might just be beer and quilts for awhile.)


Steve Burri said...

More beer taxes!

Higher quilt taxes!

Angry blogger taxes!

It's for the children.

It's for the snail darters.

It's for the planet.

HeatherRadish said...

Screw the planet!

Steve Burri said...

My boss' wife has been in Chicago today to visit the quilt show.

I didn't know she was going so I couldn't tell her about yours.