Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today marks two years since I moved to Milwaukee (the cat came up a week later). At the time, I told people "Hey, I can stand anything for a year." :P

It's turned out OK; I've learned how to eat sushi and watch baseball. I've also picked up the elongated Great Lakes dipthong on the long vowel sounds, much to the amusement of anyone with an ear for accents. My Photoshop skills, however, are sadly diminished.

Anyway, I'm off to Bavaria for 8 days. My friend Roland--we met years ago working for the same company of out Des Moines--will be showing me around. I'm taking him a Sausage Race T-shirt.

I will bore you all with photos at some point.


Amy said...

Oh, have a fantastic trip!

Steve Burri said...

From me, too.