Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to Ames

Guess they didn't learn much from the "500-year" flood of 1993, when the rainwater surged over banks of the mighty Skunk River. My operatives (OK, my brother..) inform me that Hilton Coliseum is being sandbagged. I've always regretted not being able to buy a section of water-logged basketball floor from the Flood of '93 (I only wanted enough for a keychain, but they sold it in 3-ft sections totally out of my price range). The new Super WalMart they built on the floodplain is also flooded, which deserves a hearty Nelson HA-ha. And now that Squaw Creek is in the news again, I expect a new drive to rename it. The DSM Register has some pictures.

I seem to be weather-blogging a lot. I'm vaguely entertained by News of the FIBS, but mostly I've been depressed since my return, so I've been spending my evenings going out with other people (bowling, eating, drinking, watching firefighters on Prospect Ave...) instead of thinking. Or organizing my pictures of the Zugspitze.

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