Friday, May 2, 2008


Headline I never expected to see:
Marvin Harrison cooperating with police investigation of shooting outside his bar in North Philly.

Maybe he can try out for the Pacers. Sigh.

Until someone reports whose fingerprints were on the gun, the only thing I really have to say is, "Gee, I thought someone making that kind of money would be able to afford to buy a business in a safer part of town." Or at least hire someone else to work behind the bar.

The "I'm so sick/sad/disappointed that Marvin Harrison owns guns, I thought he was a better guy" thing I'm seeing on the Colts blogs is annoying. The 2nd Amendment isn't just for lowlifes. And working at a cash business in a shitty neighborhood, carrying a registered gun seems prudent. "Pure" and dead is still dead.

I reserve the right to change my opinions as new information surfaces.

(Astros just hit 3 HRs in a row; time to turn off the computer and the radio and have a beer.)

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washsox said...

No biased stabs on my part here. I hope to God that he isn't involved in any wrongdoing. Marvin Harrison has been one of the best players, regardless of position... to play in professional football this last decade and a half as well as one of its best ambassadors on how to play the game the right way. And we know what kind of city Philadelphia is and can be. I believe in 'innocent until proven guilty', and shame on anybody who thinks the opposite here.