Friday, June 20, 2008

...and the answer is "Duh."

Everyone's blogging about the girls in Massachusetts who made a pact to get knocked up simultaneously. An editorial on Boston WBZ asks Is Shame Gone From Pop Culture? And I say, "Duh...".

In the sidebar of that very editorial is a link to a slideshow of "Celebrity Bump Watch." No, I have no idea how these girls thought our culture glorifies illegitimate births and measures a woman's worth by her reproductive status. Dumbasses.

Bizarre as it is, I'm jealous. These stupid gits get free baby-sitting at school so it all seems normal and even though they're parents, they'll still get to go to prom and cheerlead and happy crap like that. They're being feted by every subculture but the feminazis--young mothers! Free to exert their sexuality as they saw fit! Meanwhile, I've spent the past 15 years being marginalized, ridiculed, ostracized...if only there had been homeless guys in the pre-industrial village where I reached puberty. *mutter*

I was reading a little Phyllis Chesler this afternoon, and a quote about how she respects women with the "courage to resist the marriage and motherhood mandate" stuck out because it takes no courage at all to *not* join a club that wouldn't accept your application. Really., how 'bout those Brewers relievers?

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