Monday, June 9, 2008

Bavaria Part VI: Landshut/Burg Trausnitz

Nice shoes

After Schleißheim we went to Landshut, which is on the Isar like München and Freising. We parked a short distance from the Burg and walked through a wooded area with flowers. There was time to kill before the guided tour, so we had a Radler (beer and lemonade--better than it sounds, like a Leinie's Summer Shandy) in the courtyard and looked out over the river.

Burg Trausnitz (my pictures on Flickr) was founded in the 13th century and expanded/redecorated over the next several hundred years by various dukes. The interior was furnished with stucco, fresco, inlaid and carved wood, Majolica stoves, and--exciting!--early 17th century tapestries commissioned by a duke to commemorate some of his military/diplomatic achievements, some of which never actually happened. (Does anyone read this stuff?) And the chapel was gorgeous. But don't take my word for it--take the virtual tour. Note the donkey.

This was quite interesting, because it was a real residence, used by real knights and dukes over time.

On the way back to Freising, Roland bought me the best ice cream bar I have ever tasted in my entire life (I'm not sure I told him why the name cracked me up, heh).

In the evening, we went to the Therme in Erding. I was initially skeptical, because hanging out in a bathing suit is not my idea of a good time, but it was very relaxing. Full of teenagers, but they were easily ignored in the warm water. Lovely warm mineral water. We soaked for hours.

Pictures!! (NOT of the Therme. No one wants to see that, least of all me :)


Steve Burri said...

Didja get over to my Stuttgart?

HeatherRadish said...

No...I'll try next time :)

Amy said...

That sounds like a really awesome trip.