Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Third biggest hailstone!

Always click on the NOAA Public Information Statements. You never know what will be there.

Statement as of 5:00 PM CDT on June 17, 2008

... 3rd largest hailstone in state history occurred on June 7 2008...

This information is slightly delayed... and is from the severe
weather outbreak on June 7th of this year that affected much of
southern Wisconsin.

It has been determined that a 5 inch diameter hailstone fell
approximately 2 miles east-northeast of Delafield at about 435 PM on
June 7 2008. This was measured... and then confirmed by a photo
submission. The precise location was just west of Pewaukee
Lake... and just to the east of Highway 83 to the north of
naga-Waukee Gold course.

This hail report corresponds with other large hail reports from
Waukesha County that day... with a fair number of golfball... to just
shy of softball... sized reports being received.

The hardest hit area by large hail appears to be anywhere from
Oconomowoc to Delafield and Pewaukee... and then south to the west
side of Waukesha. This is approximated by the northwest quadrant of
Waukesha County.

The 5-inch diameter hailstone ranks as the 3rd largest in Wisconsin
history... based on available records. The largest was a 5.7 inch
diameter hailstone that fell on may 22 1921 on the north side of
Wausau /Marathon County/. The second largest was a 5.5 inch diameter
hailstone that fell... coincidentally... one year ago to the date of
the Delafield event on June 7 2007. This hailstone fell in Port
Edwards /Wood County/.

Here is a ranking of the top hail events... in terms of largest
diameters... on record in Wisconsin.

... size... ... location... ... County... ... date...
5.70 N side of Wausau Marathon may 22 1921
5.50 Port Edwards wood Jun 07 2007
5.00 2ene Delafield Waukesha Jun 07 2008
4.50 8ne Merrill Lincoln Jul 16 1997
4.50 4se Oakdale Monroe Jun 01 2000
4.50 1ne River Falls St. Croix Jun 19 1988
4.25 3nw Lake Mills Jefferson Apr 13 2006

4.00 multiple events listed in storm reports database

If anybody has video or pictures of hail stones equal to... or
greater than baseball size /2.75 inches in diameter/... they are
encouraged to relay them to the National Weather Service in
Sullivan. You can contact the webmaster account at:

W-mkx.Webmaster@noaa.Gov /all lowercase/

Now you can impress at your next cocktail party. Or something.

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