Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well. This will clear out my Netflix queue.

He's got a Constitutional right to spew crap and I've got a Constitutional right to refuse to contribute to his care and feeding. I guess it works out.
Why has John Cusack jumped into the political arena with a video saying John McCain is a war-profiteering clone of President George W. Bush?

I was unaware beer distributorships made money off of national defense... *blink*

I have the usual list of reasons I'm not looking forward to President McCain, but keeping Iraq out of the hands of Iran and Syria is not on it.

And this, this is just ignorant: "keeping our troops in harm's way in Iraq..." They're soldiers. Their job description is "going into harm's way." They know it when they sign up, and God bless 'em, I'm glad they do. But I've never figured out how keeping them fenced up where it's safe and refusing to let them do their job because they might get hurt isn't condescending bullshit.

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