Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When I woke up, I thought it was Wednesday...

According to Lileks, today is Old Maid's Day. YES! I have a DAY! Until there's a "Divorcee Day" I can finally hold my head up when being ridiculed by my bitter betters for my failure to become a Real Woman on a Special Princess Day Where Even Though He Was A Lying Cheating Bastard At Least I Had Public Proof I Wasn't Completely Worthless like every other woman over 30 who isn't a *cough* secret practitioner of the Sapphic arts (no, seriously; when did women who are not attractive to men become expected to mate with other women instead? "A is false" does not imply "B is true"!), because I have a DAY! In your face!

It's also Hug A Cat Day, which didn't go over so well at Radishhof. Choose the cat you plan to hug very carefully, and timing will also be a consideration. Hug first, THEN open the tuna. Ow.

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