Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bus shelters again

So, yesterday when I got into work, there were three glass panels lying in shards around the bus shelter out front, and a second shelter by the parking lot had a glass panel with a hole in it. Today after work they were all fixed.

This is the third incident in three weeks that I've noticed personally. Consensus in the security van on the way to the parking lot is at least one of the shelters will be damaged again by Monday.

Meanwhile, we "need" a tax on cars in Milwaukee County to pay for the bus system? What the hell is wrong with people??

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Amy said...

Great. Because the $75 I dropped for registration this year (thanks to Gov. Doyle's increase) isn't enough, is it?

Now let's charge me an extra $10/wheel because I drive a car! Oh, wait - I freakin' walk to work because I live across the street or I drive less than a mile to take my son to my parents' house, and, as far as "propping up" the bus system, my husband rides the bus to work EVERY SINGLE DAY!