Monday, July 28, 2008

In which I consider gender-reassignment just to avoid derision by association 2

I've often wondered if one of my X chromosomes has some damage...
Women come to feel so close to celebrities, they almost consider them part of their circle of friends.

Yeah. When Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes helps you move or even invites you to their birthday party, let me know.

And there there's these women. Not Rachel Lucas, the laydeez who annoy her. Sweet Olivia Manning! Katherine Berry called it: It’s not because you’re a female. It’s because you bore them.

And trust me, it goes both ways--they're as bored with me as I am with them. I got kicked out of a ladies' online group just after 9/11 after being told that "real women" don't and shouldn't care about history, art, or travel--they have husbands and babies to tend to! Changing a diaper was far more thrilling, relevant, and POWERFUL than anything I will ever do in my entire worthless unwomanly life!

Instead of whining about being taken seriously, I started reading more history and art stuff. Meh.

(What's wrong with cat-blogging? *scritch*)

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