Monday, July 14, 2008


I would like to be excited about the Executive Order forbidding offshore drilling being rescinded, but a) no way in Hell is Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid going to sponsor a Congressional version of the same and b) President Big O is just going to sign another one in January.

Why on Earth no one thought of this when gas first hit $3 after Hurricane Katrina and Congress wasn't veto-proof...


Amy said...

Listening to Sykes, the Congressional version of the ban has to be renewed annually. In fact, it expires in just under 80 days...right before the election.

While you won't hear much of this from the MSM, or if you do it'll be spinspinspinspinspin - you can bet conservative blogs, talk shows, etc. will be *all over* it if the Congress renews the ban. And I think they will - because they operate under the assumption the sitting party will lose if the economy sucks.

HeatherRadish said...

Thanks, Amy. I'm feeling slightly better today.

(Plus, oil prices dropped on news there could be drilling. Huh, how 'bout that.)