Thursday, July 17, 2008

Postville update

The Amnesty Press would like us to feel sorry for illegal aliens still living in their own homes despite being arrested in the May raid in Postville. The piece is basically a plea for donations to help these poor, persecuted people out.

I do feel a little sorry for them; they should be allowed to go back from whence they came. Seems sort of silly to me to force them to remain in Iowa when we know they're not supposed to be there. Otherwise...begging for toothpaste? You brought it on yourselves.

You know what I'm not looking forward to? In 10-15 years when all these "citizens by place of birth" (i.e., anchor babies whose deported parents didn't leave them here) who grew up in other countries turn 18 and come legally streaming back over the border, presumably harboring some level of resentment, and obviously entitled to vote. I don't think anyone on the "legal immigration only" side of things has thought that through very well (the "reward people for law-breaking!" side no doubt feels a tingling up their leg).

(Identity theft is a five-month sentence? That seems really light; you get a lot more time for crimes that don't completely fuck someone else over for the rest of their life.)

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