Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A tale of two quarterbacks II

Meanwhile, a source told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Tuesday that Favre has continued to use a cell phone issued by the Packers, and when the team checked the phone records, they showed "repeated calls to coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell."
How much money have the Packers given Favre all these years? And he still can't get a freakin' free phone with a 300-minute plan to talk to the Vikings behind their back?? Heh!
On Tuesday, Dungy said he was optimistic the Colts' biggest question heading into training camp -- Manning's valuable knee -- could be resolved quicker than most people expect.
Woo-hoo! More importantly, Manning, Polian, and Irsay are watching this Favre/Packers thing and taking notes on how NOT to act in 5-6 years.

Speaking of Dungy, my copies of his new children's book arrived today. The illustrations are great. Reading it made me cry (I'm old and still haven't found anything I'm good at/want to do/am still young enough to do), but I think my small relatives will enjoy it when they're slightly older. It's promoted as ages 4-7, but the protagonist is 8 and the text seems a little dense for preschool (but what do I know?). (CBS interview about the book)

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