Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well here's something they never taught me in school.

When the Rev. Martin Luther King was murdered, Jackson dipped his hands in King's blood and wiped them down the front of his shirt. Later, Jackson appeared on television and spoke to the Chicago City Council wearing the shirt. There are different interpretations of this gesture - including that Jackson was doing the Baptist thing and trying to absorb power from the slain leader's blood - but Mrs. Coretta Scott King didn't speak to Jackson for years. Her interpretation was the Jackson was trying to use her husband's assasination for his own aggrandizement. The widow King was a wise woman.

Learn something every day, although some days I wish I didn't.

(Jack$on's Obama-castration fantasy? Unsurprising, except I thought O's balls were already in his wife's purse. Learn something, etc.)

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Unknown said...

An interesting but unrealized fact is that the O is the only male to get within the political aura of Hillary and not have their genitalia sequestered in her lockbox. As you point out, it could be that Michelle had already absconded with them. I also hear rumor that the KOSkids have hired a private investigator to locate said genitalia and are running a fundraiser to restore them should they be found.