Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your tax dollars at work!

I can't figure out which level of government is funding the construction on the Teutonia Ave/Silver Spring Dr bridge (which needed the work), but they're not getting their money's worth from the sign rental:
Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Oh, look! The culprits:

815 is an Illinois area code...which doesn't excuse whoever is responsible for procuring the signs. It might even make it worse, if it's city money being sent out of state for substandard equipment... (My Google-fu is unable to locate any information about this construction project, but it did turn up this bit of entertainment).

I have to look at this abomination twice a day; my funk is not improving.


CGHill said...

So is anything bussy happening near that sign, as is implied?

fillyjonk said...

"Bussiness," as in having the quality of being like a bus? (Large, loud, belching diesel smoke?)

Or maybe they mean "buss" like the old word for a kiss?

Prosqtor said...

I wonder if the Anthony Mason who's $1.4M delinquent on state income taxes is the same Anthony Mason who played a few seasons for the Bucks? Wouldn't surprise me.

I love "buss" as a word for a kiss! Watch yer cheeks as you drive through there, HeatherRadish! ;)