Thursday, August 7, 2008

And now, some serious stuff

Kathy Shaidle reports on Chinese human rights violations, none of which apparently rise to the level of shame and outrage as giving terrorists shrinkwrapped Korans and halal chicken:
Were journalists allowed to report the truth, their stories would put a heavy damper on international enthusiasm for the Games. China’s persecution of Tibet’s people is well known, thanks to the Dalai Lama and efforts of Western activists. Less familiar – perhaps because they are too gruesome to be believed – are reports that tens of thousands of Chinese prisoners, along with Falun Gong practitioners, have been murdered and their organs harvested for the lucrative international “transplant tourism” market.

Edward McMillan-Scott, a British Member of the European Parliament, says the organs of Falun Gong prisoners “sell at a premium as practitioners neither drink nor smoke.” He adds:

“Although there are millions of [Falun Gong] they do not have a cuddly, statesmanlike figure such as the Dalai Lama and, because they will not openly demonstrate like the Tibetans and their supporters, they perish and go to their deaths silently.”

McMillan-Scott describes China as a “terror state” and recently submitted a dossier to the United Nations about torture and religious freedom. He claims the Communist Chinese government has recently adopted lethal injection as the preferred method of capital punishment. (There are 70 crimes deemed capital offenses in China). Why? Because, says McMillan-Scott, a bullet through the head caused too much organ damage. “In one province alone,” says McMillan-Scott, “16 buses have been specially adapted to perform on-the-spot eviscerations.”

I joke occasionally in meatspace about "getting a Falun Gong kidney" but I always have to explain the reference. The average American really has no idea about China.

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