Saturday, August 2, 2008

I don't think the Rams made a lot of new fans today

STL Rams practiceI have loathed the St. Louis Rams for years (they took Marshall Faulk...). But this morning it wasn't too hot and I had nothing better to do, so I thought I'd check out the purported "10:45 scrimmage" up in Mequon. I even double-checked the time on their website.

Ha. I got there at 10:15 (parking less than half full). The guys about to get cut and the second string were on the field without pads--and they were off the field by 10:45. Apparently they had started around 9. Only two guys stayed afterwards to talk to fans--Derek Stanley, who is from from WI and played at UW-Whitewater; and one guy not wearing a number who seemed to have family in the stands.

I'm not terribly cranky--I met my "get out of the house and do something I don't normally do" objective--but a lot of people, especially the ones who came in after me, were pissed. Especially the people who drove up from Missourah to see aforementioned scrimmage, and the people with children.

I feel smug about how awesome the Colts organization is as far as keeping fans informed and making sure they have a good experience, and Packers fans should feel smug, too.

(And now, to the couch, for some Brewers on FOX. I'm attempting to make a Radler out of Robinade and Sprecher's HefeWeiss. Is that a cry for help? *srednop*)

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