Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kindergarten meets Free Mumia

Cuts to the newspaper industry seem to be affecting AP headline writers.
UI president announces harassment campaign

With the problems they've had lately, they should probably consider an anti-harassment campaign.
"we are launching a campaign to promote inclusion, social justice and human civility across our campus"
Kindergarten meets Free Mumia. I think this is where an engineering degree was a good thing; I missed all that feel-good we're-all-special there-is-no-truth there-is-no-wrong-(except-Western-civilization) stuff.

This stands out:
"Please do all you can to help us maintain and build the most respectful campus imaginable."
Good luck with that...start by teaching kids not to spit on visitors when you host the NIT. *mutter*

I was going to ask the U of I Republicans how much respect they expect to get on campus under the new policies, but they seem to have disbanded after the caucus.


Amy said...

I'd also ask the pro-life, Christian/Orthodox/Jewish students, too.

For some funny reason "diversity" never seems to include people who aren't ideologically liberal.

HeatherRadish said...

They have a chapter of Students for Life, but it's affiliated with the Law School, not the school as a whole. I found that odd.