Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh, yeah.

According the Des Moines Shawn Johnson, Barack Obama never made it to the Iowa State Fair, becoming the first non-incumbant presidential candidate to skip out since WWII. So, he thinks he's too good to be seen with the bitter masses admiring Freight Train? (I've never believed the "secret Muslim" stuff, but if being that close to male animal commanding high stud fees makes him nervous I would have accepted a photo op near the butter cow, especially since he was immortalized O in butter himself.)

So yeah, despite playing the "single mother" card ad nauseum, he's an elitist. And apparently he's already forgotten that the Iowa Caucus was where the rest of the world realized Hillary Clinton wasn't guaranteed the nomination--thanks for voting for me, now go away and don't bother me with your silly little traditions, you worms.

Hey, if people can vote for him based on his skin color, his swim trunks, his "soft eyes", his love of arugula, or George Clooney's man-crush, I can not vote for him because he's a jerk who despises most of the country.

Meanwhile, while I was enjoying 36 hours with my computer off, I came across this quote from Michelle Obama in a Limbaugh Letter:
Somehow I've been caricatured as this emasculating wife. Barack and I laugh about that. It's just sort of, like, do you think anyone could emasculate Barack Obama? Really now.

Rush follows it with a Jesse Jackson joke, but I didn't see it until after I stopped laughing. Something we can agree on--you can't emasculate O. It's impossible to emasculate someone who was never a man to begin with. Which is probably not what she meant. Then again, caricatures exaggerate the truth, so who knows what she has in a jar in the fridge?

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