Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Bernard Pollard jerseys selling like hotcakes"

I hope the Onion doesn't pay their sports writers.
FOXBOROUGH, MA—More than 90 0.09 percent of female football fans were lost for the season on Sunday when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered a left knee injury that will require extensive treatment.
There, fixed it for 'em.

Now, this, this is how it's done (HT to 18to88, who clearly don't live around here because they estimate Ted Thompson's IQ at 260 this week).

(Bill Simmons going under suicide watch, though, I can believe.)

Speaking of football, I'm six chapters into a 1987 biography of Vince Lombardi--I figure his life hasn't changed much in twenty years--which takes me to 1959 and Packers days. This is my third season living here, it's time to get serious with the working knowledge...

I'll take suggestions for scholarly books about the pre-Favre Packers.

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