Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well. This is interesting.

Got a letter today from the State of Wisconsin claiming they don't have my birthdate on file because I registered to vote--"at the above address"--before 2003 when that information was not required.

While I appreciate a retroactive effort to verify I didn't sign up as a 10-year-old and vote illegally for five years...I registered to vote in 2006. At my polling location. I don't remember if they asked for my date of birth, but it was prominent on the government-issued ID ( Iowa driver's license) that they asked to see.

And I couldn't possibly have registered to vote here at this address before 2003 because I was living in West Des Moines and, despite a summer of cat-sitting downtown in 1999, had no idea this address even existed.

I like that they're checking databases and whatnot, but if they have bad data for date of registration, what else is bad?

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