Sunday, October 19, 2008

Celebrity Encounters of the Trivial Kind


I'm in Appleton with my best friend. We met Dallas Clark's mother-in-law in the parking garage (she was wearing a Packers sweatshirt) and got on the elevator as Jim Irsay was exiting.

We did not hang out in the lobby all night waiting for a glimpse of players (although offhand I can tell you I wouldn't recognize most of the defense without numbers on their backs because they're all different guys every week).

We will hang out to moon the team bus after the game.

UPDATE: As I was making the Scrabble post, Coach Dungy walked through the lobby. Commence squealing like a bobby-soxer...

UPDATE: Oooh, Anthony Gonzalez. We're the only people here who recognize him (he's on my fantasy team, actually...

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