Thursday, October 23, 2008


I opined freely at Badger Blogger today about Sarah Palin's new clothes. Lisa Schiffren explains it more clearly than I can. That first weekend after her selection was announced the "women's media" and MSM plastic-faced women were making fun of her shoes and her earrings; it wasn't going to get any better if she didn't start dressing like the rich women who've spent their whole careers in Washington.

The RNC probably could have skipped the retail and went straight to designers and asked for freebies a la Clinton. But this is uncharted territory--no one has ever put a non-rich, non-career-Washington woman without an influential husband or father on the ticket before. They'll know better for 2012...

Meanwhile, no one will look in Michelle's closet to check the origin of any unreported gifts within. While we hiss at "crazy old cat lady" stereotypes here at Radishhof, we also enjoy the PUMA blogs' sense of humor:

...angry, America-hating sleeper sofa from your shutin[sic] Aunt Tilly’s house, the one with all the cats. The cat pee sofa.

That’s our Michelle!


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