Monday, October 20, 2008

It's all clear now...

Jim Treacher says Obama's "story hasn't changed; we're just too dumb to get it straight":
"Did Bill Ayers and I work in the same office for three years? Of course we did. I've never denied that. And yes, it was a very small office, which [grins] was not illegal the last time I checked. But his desk was facing in a completely different direction than mine, and I wasn't even born yet when that building was constructed. Also, there are lots of buildings in Chicago. Look, this is boring. Can I be president now?"

Oh. Totally understandable. Carry on. *snort*

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Shoebox said...

Come now, show me one time where BO hasn't thought the whole world revolved around him! Of course they will test him! Just like they tested Carter, Clinton, JFK...oh and don't forget FDR.