Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh $#!+

This time next year, we're going to be longing for the relative prosperity of the Carter Administration, aren't we?

(And why is Gwen Ifill wearing Michael Jackson's clothes?)

Scranton! Drink!

Biden lies about the climate! Drink!

Biden lies about oil! Drink!

Biden lies about Cheney! Drink!

Biden lies about S-CHIP! Drink!

You know, Joe, oil prices wouldn't be "going through the roof" if you and the Dems didn't refuse to let anyone get it out of the ground and then double-tax the companies who refine it...

Yes! Strong finish!

Aaargh, I forgot to turn it off before Couric started spewing. Drink!


Anonymous said...
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HeatherRadish said...

Comment with sexist slur deleted.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how it was sexist considering Palin in all of her infinite mooseburger wisdom likened herself to a pit bull.

Either way I hope this debate helped America realize that she is a joke who can't go two minutes in a debate without saying "maverick" or simply reading off her stump speech.

Can you believe she said the terrorists hate our freedom? LOL.

Amy said...

Can you believe she said the terrorists hate our freedom?

Daniel: Have you ever studied the Koran, Hadith, or shari'a law? None exactly champion freedom - which is why the word "islam" means peace...through submission.

The terrorists do hate our freedom. They hate the fact that Palin, Pelosi, Clinton and other women walk around uncovered, educated, employed. Don't take my word for it - if Obama wins, there will be a terror attack. Obama will fold like a house of cheap cards.

Then all the things liberals consider part of "freedom" - abortion, gay marriage, environmentalism, atheism, etc. - will be crushed like a bug. I can't say I'll feel sorry for those folks with the "Coexist" bumper stickers on their cars as they're chased from their homes, their jobs, their communities for being non-Muslim. Make no mistake: we all suffer under shari'a. Liberals will suffer worse.

The feedback on Palin's performance has been positive (MSM Obamaphiles not included). She's got more in common with people of this nation than Biden and Obama combined.

Not that I'd ever expect you to get that, though.

HeatherRadish said...

Amy, he doesn't care about maintaining our freedoms, because losing them is "change."

Frankly, I can't be bothered with pseudo-intellectual poseurs anymore.

Shoebox said...

Ooh, Wow, all of 19 and Daniel is able to judge wisdom. I wonder if Daniel was able to find any of Biden's lies or where he magically now agrees with Obama when just a few months ago he was debating him from an opposite position.

Yea, didn't think so!

I will have to say that Daniel does have one bit of wisdom, from his profile: "Anyway, most of what I write shouldn't be taken too seriously." That is the only thing I've seen him write that makes any sense at all!