Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, at least we got to see the Snoopy blimp.

When the Colts hire guys off the street to play defense, they should give 'em a copy of the rulebook. Good grief.

Other than the losing, I had a lot of fun at Lambeau (probably because the Colts sucked like a Hoover so all the drunks were happy instead of angry). Best pro football venue I've been to, I think (Arrowhead is a lot louder, but I've only seen BigXII games there). We felt very close to the action, and we weren't that close, really. And the cheese curds--OMG.

I will totally go back wearing green when they play some team I hate. Of course, it's six years until the FPats and four until Jax...maybe Baltimore.

Also, do not mix Weissbier and marshmallows.

And I could have done without the teenage boy on my left hurling invective at Peyton Manning until the six-year-old boy sitting in front of him wearing a Manning shirt began to cry. Yes, I know Packers fans pride themselves on their assholeness, but there should be an age limit.

OH: Everyone who was ripping Aaron Rodgers a new one in August should be ashamed of themselves. He looked good yesterday. Mind you, it's easy to look good against the Colts D...

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