Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comments I want to make on blogs but don't because it's not worth the blizzard of insults I'll get IV

I'm not really surprised at the ecstatic glee people are feeling at their success in turning the entire country into the south side of Chicago. It's more deep disgust.

I'd like to have one of those Scarlett O'Hara puking up radishes in the slave garden "tomorrow is another day" cello-swelling moments, but Scarlett wasn't puking in Venezuela.

So here's the comment I'd like to make on my friends' journals, but I don't think I care enough.

If you think there's some sort of exemption for "progressives" from runaway inflation, $10 gas and shortages, rolling blackouts, nuclear winter, the crime that comes from 15% employment, or the repeal of the First Amendment, you're a bigger fucking idiot than Oprah. And don't forget for a minute that it's your own fucking fault.

When I get laid off in the face of Obama's business-crushing tax hikes, your smug self-satisfaction at "voting for the black guy" isn't going to feed my cat, you assholes.

...anyway, after 8 years of being told that criticizing the President is patriotic, I'm sure you'll give my 1-20-2013 bumpersticker the same respect you demanded when you told me ChimpyMcHitler was a facist[sic].

And if I ever hear the phrase "white privilege" used in an un-ironic fashion, I'm going to punch you in the teeth.

So, anyway, I should go to work while I still can. Seriously, I don't know if they'll lay me off now or wait until January, but as a contractor I'll be one of the first to go.

Where's that clip of Hillary Clinton screeching about criticism of the president being patriotic?

(And where's my unicorn? I was told we were going to get a unicorn in every pot!)

And what's going to happen to my brother when he goes to Iraq next summer? Al Qaeda and Iran and Syria and Russia have all been put on notice that they can do anything they want and they won't even get their invitation to tea revoked.


Paul said...

That is a truly world-class comment which I may need to borrow.

stuffed said...

Bless you. I just spent several minutes barfing all over my blogroll. How is it I know so many simplistic folks?

I opened up Word and wrote a universal screed. Didn't post it anywhere but I did save it.

I know I will shortly be on their harassment list and that makes me sad. So many intolerant people with big smiles on their faces. It would be easier if they were honest about it.

My partner is in Iraq. I have your worries. I wish both of our loved ones good luck.

Roland Melnick said...


You always have a way of putting a razor sharp edge on your comments that cut right to the heart of the issues.

I just did a quick search and couldn't find a video clip of a lib politician saying "criticism is patriotic"....the webmasters at Google have probably blocked them from search results.