Monday, November 3, 2008


Jim Geraghty reports:
when the Jets won five or more games before Election Day; the Republicans won the White House every single time.

OTOH, the Colts lost to the F-Pats in 2004 ("The Colts tried a 48-yard field goal try with kicker Mike Vanderjagt taunting the Patriots sideline by rubbing his fingers together in a "money" motion; he'd connected on 42 straight field goals but this time shanked it, ending the game in a 27-24 Patriots win.") and their victory over the F-Pats in 2006 ushered in the Nancy Pelosi Congress.

Tom Brady had 4 interceptions, though. Heh!

(I'd like to be happy this morning, but the Colts' D looks like the Maginot Line, even with Bob Sanders. Sigh.)

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