Saturday, December 13, 2008

Andrew Johnson

I was in a bar trivia contest this afternoon, and one of the questions was "Who was the only President to serve in the Senate after being POTUS?" And I immediately wrote down "Andrew Johnson" and handed it to the girl who was submitting the answers for our team.

And everyone kind of stared at me. To their credit, they knew there was a President with that name...

Last week, I read a blog post--I just can't remember where! and I can't find it!--about the possibility of Bill Clinton keeping Hillary's Senate seat warm while she globe-trots for four years. The blogger noted, for our amusement, that the only other President who went to the Senate after the White House was the only other impeached President.

And of course I was right, and we got six points.

So whoever you are, snarky blogger, thank you.

Overall, it was pretty bad. I was the oldest by several years, so we missed all the questions about 70s TV shows (they were on after my bedtime). I got all the answers about 80s songs, American History, and geography. We finished in the 3nd quartile, well out of the money, but not last. Heh.


Amy said...

I might know the trivia contest of which you speak, and - boy - do I miss competing!

I used to do team trivia with my brother, after his team (sans me) lost handily. We won the first, last, and only time I was invited to go along. And they didn't even split the $100 bar tab with me...


HeatherRadish said...

Oh, that's just wrong.

I was fun, but I don't think I want to make the commitment to do it every week. I was invited along to the money rounds as a ringer. :P

Amy said...

I know. So wrong... :)