Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to doom and gloom.

I never understood why "the Queen's Christmas message" needs a rebuttal. Especially when the only mention of Jesus is that he was a kind, unselfish man that some people find inspiring. Feel free to clue me in.
The irony of Britain's channel 4 giving Ahmadinejad the pulpit in the name of free speech is that as he was speaking, Iranian authorities raided and closed down the BBC's Tehran offices and, separately, in the spirit of goodwill to man, ordered Christmas trees banned from Iranian kindergartens.

By the time the tastemakers and public opinion shapers figure out that celebrating multiculturism only goes one way, is there going to be any "multi" left to celebrate?

I guess it's not all gloom; Her Majesty seems to wearing her mother's hats. I do love anachronistic millinery.

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