Monday, December 1, 2008

Heads up!

Glad I read this after I finished driving across Indiana...
MARKLE, Ind. -- Five deer that wandered onto a highway overpass jumped to their deaths onto Interstate 69, one of them crashing through a tractor-trailer's windshield, police said.
You have to get six paragraphs in to learn the human was uninjured. Way to report, AP.
Late fall is a stressful time of year for deer, DNR spokesman Phil Bloom said.

Farmers are removing the last of their crops from the fields, reducing the animals' food supply even as deer breeding season is in full swing.

Any of these factors could have pushed the deer onto the highway overpass, Bloom said.
You expect AP articles to be written with a "human activity makes Bambi sad" slant, but when the DNR guy subscribes human emotions and motivations to animals...

(When I lived in Indiana I bought a 1940s pinwheel quilt top in Markle. It's got some feedsack fabrics in it, but mostly dress prints. I never expected to reference Markle ever again.)

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