Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Party like it's 1994

Last night when I was driving home from work, I saw a guy waiting for a bus wearing a Buffalo Bills OJ Simpson jersey and no coat. (I did a triple take, just to make sure it was OJ and not some other Simpson who played for the Bills.) 28 degrees, wind, light snow--there's someone with a statement to make. I interpreted it as "I'm an idiot"--less for the OJ and more for the no coat.

Signed OJ jerseys are now on sale!

I was going to write a rant about cleaning the snow off your damn turn signals, but then I remembered no one uses them anyway. I'm starting to be impressed when people clean the snow off their windshield before they start down the street.

I'm partway through Season 2 of the X-Files (I've been re-watching the series in order) and there's a lot more Janet Reno and Bill Clinton than I remember. And there was footage of OJ's white Bronco in one of the episodes last night. Everything old is relevant this week. Except Scully's shoulder pads.

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Steve Burri said...

I should buy one. Since the civil suit, I'm sure all proceeds will go to the Brown family to help pay off the judgment.