Thursday, December 4, 2008


is it OK if I refer to whats-his-ears as a dildo? (Link not safe for work, public places, or small children in the room)

I need someone with a grievance studies degree to explain to me why using the image of The One on a sex toy is different than using the image of Jesus--the latter is meant to profane the sacred and offend believers, so why isn't the former?

...I'm also entertained by the big fake testicles on his butt. Disclaimer: I've spent most of my week in a windowless lab, pressing the same eight buttons over and over, with a cow-orker who laughs like DNA from Elmer Fudd was mixed with DNA from Yakov Smirnoff and gestated in a California sea lion finding himself perpetually funny in the background. Everything is entertaining after that.

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