Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ugh, spam.

I got an e-mail today flogging "Christmas gift ideas from Mike Huckabee." Do you know what I want from Mike Huckabee? I want him to go away and take his mislabled nanny-statism with him. I certainly never signed up for e-mail from him, and if I ever find out who sold him my address....

Someone somewhere is buying a copy of his book "in a collectible leather gift box." *snort* Maybe they're thinking it was a novelization of Spike Lee's film by the same name.


Roland Melnick said...

Have you seen his tv show on Fox simply called: "Huckabee" ?

The guy's style reminds me of a cross between Stuart Smalley and Mister Rodgers.

HeatherRadish said...

That just makes me happy I don't have cable.