Saturday, January 3, 2009


Who are the cable providers in Brookfield? Apparently they carry Al-Jazeera. Well, so did my provider in Cedar Falls, and that was during the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003...

At this point, I think any "peace summit" should offer the "Palestinians" their own independent state, on one condition: Neither the U.N nor any country represented therein is allowed to contribute so much as one shekel of military or "humanitarian" aid. You want to be independent? Be independent. ("You want to stay out drinking all night? Go get a job and pay your own rent, then you can stay out as long as you want.")

With no agriculture and no industry, they'll last less than six months, and that's assuming they stop shooting rockets at Israel, who will then be free to treat them as every other hostile neighboring nation.

Yeah, a lot of "innocent" children and old people will die in those six months. They're going to die anyway. But at least there wouldn't be anyone to blame but their own "leadership."

Which is why it'll never happen.

Meanwhile, I'm sick of CNN blaring DEATH FROM ISRAEL with no mention of the DEATH FROM HAMAS that preceded it. I need one of those gadgets that disables TVs in public areas.


Unknown said...

Gadgets that disables a public TV = gun


I wonder what would happen if you just walked up and changed the channel?

HeatherRadish said...

I do that in the women's locker room at the gym, because I can reach the TVs there. But in the workout area, the TVs are ten feet off the ground. :)

Unknown said...

Ipod babe, Ipod.