Monday, January 19, 2009

I want a !(#*! apology

Dear people who told me George Bush was going to "round up" all the homosexuals and send them to extermination camps, and were dead serious, and called me everything but a white woman for thinking otherwise (Chele, I'm thinking of A$$wipe, but he's not the only one):

Are you an ignorant uneducated sheeple piece of shit duped by jingoist politicians, or just a lying piece of shit, or some combination of the two, so blinded by your own petty insecurities you're incapable of rational thought?

Take your time.

UPDATE: I'm doing a pretty good job of not unleashing megatons of ridicule and derision on the Coronation-obsessed Obaaaaaaaaama people I'm surrounded by in real life, but it's all gotta be vented somewhere to avoid apoplexy. Which would be here. Until I get my unicorn, and then I'll be too busy having fantastic adventures to blog.

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